To consign your upscale, near mint condition items with Savvy Snoot, all items must be preapproved by the Snoot team.

Present your items for consignment by using our Express Consign Form (you may also want to bring a picture of the item to either of our store locations). We do not recommend bringing the items to the store before they are accepted.

Both Savvy Snoot and the consignor will mutually agree upon the selling price for the presented items. If you would like for us to decide the selling price, please check the "Let Snoot Decide" button on the express form. Please note it is in our best interest to price the item at a fair market price.

A consignment agreement will be generated when the items are dropped off (or e-mailed if you are not present). The agreement will include the item description, an item number and a selling price. The consignor receives 50% of the selling price. (all items are subject to a 10% trade discount)

All items must be displayed for a minimum of 30 days. Items that have not sold within 120 days will be subject to a (without notice) 20% markdown per month until the item has sold.

Consignors will be paid within 30 days of the selling date.

Savvy Snoot is not responsible for consignment items to be delivered to our store locations. We will however be more than happy to make the arrangements for you!

Mia Designs Inc., DBA Savvy Snoot or Savvy Snoot North LLC. or their affiliates are not responsible for damages or loss due to fire or theft.


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